Having a reading is a personal experience and a very private one, I offer 1 to 1 Readings, in a very Relaxing home from home All Environment and are Private You may take notes of your reading if you would wish to do so.

I also offer Tarot and Psychometry Readings, all combined in my Readings, so if you have a old or a recent photo of a loved one please bring it along to one of your readings with me also an item of jewellery or anything that belonged to a person you would like to connect with, please message me for more details . Contact me via the Contact Page.



1.....Psychom1etry. Reading object's that used to belong to a loved one, i can pick up the person's energy left behind on the object that belonged to them. And reconnect you with loved by linking the two worlds closer Together.

2.......Tarot cards. Using my Tarot Cards i can do past present, and Future.. Readings,

3......Photograph.Please bring a Photograph of a loved one that has passed to The spirit world, And i will try to reconnect you with the loved one's, and pass on messages from spirit by linking the Two Worlds Closer Together.

Any Questions about the above please e Mail me. Or Contact me via the Contact page

Thank you.

LAW....All mediumship can be disputed, So All Readings are for entertainment purpose only .Although i aim to prove that loved ones do continue on in the Spirit World. And do want to re-connect to loved one's here on The Earth Plane. There is no scientific proof.