I have Always been aware of spirit from the age of 7 yearsI old, when i had my 1st experience, I could hear see spirit, I would communicate information back to my friends and family, Thing's a child would never know about, Some might call it a gift, I never look at it like that, It is my way of linking the two worlds closer together. In my teens i always at the local spiritualist church with my family who used to help run, many many mediums used to say your daughter will do this work with spirit one day,When i was older i took myself to awareness classes, Development Groups, And Development Circles, I established as a medium over 10 years ago now In the media i v'e worked on Tales From The Grave, And Ghost Towns. ,I do private one to one Readings. I get great satisfaction working with spirit, passing messages from loved one to friends and family.

I am focused on providing private 1 to 1 Readings services with the satisfaction & i will do everything i can to meet your expectations. With a variety of of Readings to choose from, i'm sure you'll be happy with my Readings, Look around my website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me via the contact page. I hope to see you Soon,Keep checking back for more updates later for new updates to my website.


LAW....All mediumship can be disputed, So All Readings are for entertainment purpose only .Although i aim to prove that loved ones do continue on in the Spirit World. And do want to re-connect to loved one's here on The Earth Plane. There is no scientific proof.